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Our creative all-in-one solution turns your brand assets into captivating video ads for your social channels.

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What is cre8social?

It’s hard for already stretched creative teams to keep up with the ever increasing demand for social content.

Cre8social offers ‘creative as a service’ (CaaS), allowing you to create quality content at scale, without the need for increasing headcount.

Agile and responsive, cre8social gives you a flexible cost effective solution for all your social content needs, freeing up bottlenecks and accelerating outcomes for your sales and marketing teams.

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Ads that drive engagement

Our creative all-in-one solution turns your…

Social media assets

Brand photography

User generated content

Brand assets

…into captivating video ads

How it works

We will convert your static images into meticulously crafted video advertisements tailored for each audience, platform, and format. It’s like witnessing magic unfold.

We set out to make the process of uploading, reviewing, and marvelling at your finished products as easy as possible.

Once you have signed up you will be sent a unique link to your own client portal. This is where you can upload all your still images, fill in the messaging document, to tell the world about your product and then we take it from there, easy.

Once we have completed the first asset, we will send you a link so you can review.

Your final assets will be formatted for the different social media platforms, ready to use.

Watch the film below to see how content comes to life with cre8social...

1. Photography

Take your product photography

2. Brief

Send us your brief and brand guidelines

3. Send the assets

Upload your images using the secure link

4. Relax

Site back and relax while we get to work

5. First draft

Take a first look

6. Feedback

Send us your feedback

7. Delivery

Final asset delivery


Choose the clip style and quantity that work for you.

All clips come ready formatted for:

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

£795/ month
You supply

  • 4x images
You get

  • 4x style 1 clips
£1,495/ month
You supply

  • 6x images
You get

  • 4x style 1 clips
  • 2x style 2 clips
£2,750/ month
You supply

  • 8x images
You get

  • 4x style 1 clips
  • 2x style 2 clips
  • 2x style 3 clips

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